2015 Highlights

With 2015 almost in the books, we asked a few employees to share a highlight from the year. At Alberici, we’re thankful for a successful 2015, and we are looking forward to a great 2016!

Demon Parker, Senior Project Manager

May 15thIMG_6503 of 2015 was a very big day for me. It was commencement for the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. We spent over two years constructing Hillman Hall, a new LEED Platinum facility for the Brown School. Seeing the building occupied for the first time and being used as intended, both inside and out, gave me a big sense of accomplishment personally and for Alberici.  The utilization of Hillman Hall at Commencement was the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication of over 1000 people.


Kristin Kalous, Senior Project Manager 

IMG_0515My work related highlight from 2015 was getting the receiving a Certificate of Need on Hospital Sister’s Health System’s St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. We received the Certificate of Need in April 2015 after having working on the project since October 2013.  It was exciting to finally be able to start construction after almost 18 months of preparation.


Fred Biermann, Preconstruction Director

IMG_4812I had the opportunity to be part of the team that was awarded the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Lock and Dam 25 project.  It was the first successful pursuit I have participated in at Alberici, and it was the first marine project that I have worked on in my career.  I appreciate the many colleagues who were all incredible sources of knowledge (and patience) during the pursuit, and the St. Louis Army Corps of Engineers District is happy to be working with Alberici again.  It has been a great project so far. 

The ACT Experience–Estimating Part 2

ACT_4cJames and Spencer are continuing their time in Estimating for the Alberici Career Training (ACT) program. Click here to read about their earlier experiences in estimating.


Spencer: Snapfinger Bid

I recently worked on a re-bid for the Snapfinger Waste Water Treatment Plant. This effort included not only preparing the estimate, but also reaching out to the local small business enterprise (LSBE) groups. I went to Atlanta to build relationships with the local community and get to know the local subcontractors.  Alberici conducted one full day of meetings with the LSBE companies for this process which gave me first-hand experience meeting with LSBE groups and demonstrated Alberici’s commitment to the communities in which we conduct business.

I also assisted with the Snapfinger re-bid, travelling to Alberici’s office near Atlanta so that we could better coordinate the bid effort. Though we were not ultimately the low bidder, this experience provided a better view on how Alberici is able to win and perform projects in various locations with specialized employees.


James: WUMC Campus Renewal Estimate

I have been working on the 90% CD Fit Out Estimate for the WUMC Campus Renewal Project with the project’s preconstruction team. We created this estimate using unit pricings obtained from subs. This estimate mainly focused on the finishes for both the BJC North building and the Saint Louis Children’s Hospital South Building. While working on this estimate we used information received from the architects and their dRofus programs. We categorized rooms that had similar finish types and found the average square footage of certain wall types, ceiling types, and floor types. Using this information we determined how much of a certain material would be on the building. Then using material and labor costs for each product, a final estimate value was established.


Spencer and James: Fargo Turnover Meetings

We both spent two days in turnover meetings with the Fargo Water Treatment Plant project team. It’s good experience getting to see the process of job startup such as awarding subcontracts, building a budget/schedule, and reviewing the contract.  Everyone from the estimating team presented their sections and explained what costs were in a project, identified potential problem areas and told Alberici’s on-site team what they will need to keep in mind on the project.  These meetings showed us how the different departments work as a team and the importance of communication to ensure project success.


The Alberici Career Training (ACT) program provides new project engineers with insight into Alberici’s various business functions and how they operate together as a whole. Our employees spend time in different departments including Estimating, Scheduling, Project Controls, Marketing, Legal and Safety, where they work one-on-one with key stakeholders to better understand our company.