2015 Highlights

With 2015 almost in the books, we asked a few employees to share a highlight from the year. At Alberici, we’re thankful for a successful 2015, and we are looking forward to a great 2016!

Demon Parker, Senior Project Manager

May 15thIMG_6503 of 2015 was a very big day for me. It was commencement for the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. We spent over two years constructing Hillman Hall, a new LEED Platinum facility for the Brown School. Seeing the building occupied for the first time and being used as intended, both inside and out, gave me a big sense of accomplishment personally and for Alberici.  The utilization of Hillman Hall at Commencement was the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication of over 1000 people.


Kristin Kalous, Senior Project Manager 

IMG_0515My work related highlight from 2015 was getting the receiving a Certificate of Need on Hospital Sister’s Health System’s St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. We received the Certificate of Need in April 2015 after having working on the project since October 2013.  It was exciting to finally be able to start construction after almost 18 months of preparation.


Fred Biermann, Preconstruction Director

IMG_4812I had the opportunity to be part of the team that was awarded the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Lock and Dam 25 project.  It was the first successful pursuit I have participated in at Alberici, and it was the first marine project that I have worked on in my career.  I appreciate the many colleagues who were all incredible sources of knowledge (and patience) during the pursuit, and the St. Louis Army Corps of Engineers District is happy to be working with Alberici again.  It has been a great project so far. 

Anniversary Spotlight –Tom Waters

Project Manager Tom Waters is celebrating his 35th anniversary at Alberici this month. In honor of this milestone, we asked Tom to share some thoughts, experiences and advice.

Tom Waters v11.    In your time at Alberici, which project was your favorite and why?

When I was in junior high, there was news about the building of a new lock & dam in my hometown of Alton, IL.  I said to myself that I wanted to build that lock & dam someday.  Eight years later, after graduating high school and college, I was hired by J.S. Alberici Construction Co. and assigned to the lock & dam project.  It was a dream come true and everyone from my hometown could see that I worked for this huge construction company with all this brand new red and white equipment on display in the middle of the Mississippi River.  I was proud then, and I still am 35 years later.

2.    What are you most proud of in your time at Alberici and why?

I am proud to say that I have worked for one great company for 35 years.  Working for one company for your entire career is rare and reflects loyalty from both sides.

3.    What do you like most about working at Alberici?

I appreciate the dedication of the people that work at Alberici and the strong reputation that we have approaching 100 years old.

4.    How has the construction industry changed since you started?

Mainly, technology has changed.  Imagine being on a jobsite with no cell phones, no computers, no emails, no electronic documents and using real carbon paper for copies.

5.    What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting in the construction industry?

•    Safety First, there is always a safe way to perform the work
•    Remember that you always represent Alberici in your actions and your words
•    Be Humble
•    Be a Problem Solver
•    Be Honest
•    Be Fair
•    Always look for efficiencies in everything
•    Read and understand the contracts (Owner Contracts, Subcontracts and Labor Contracts)

6.    In your career, you’ve worked in many different industries, how has this diverse experience helped you?

I have always told people that I have been on many “once in a lifetime jobs” (lock & dam, car plants, St. Louis football stadium, hospitals, water treatment plant and nuclear plant).  I have been fortunate to work with a large company that is so diverse and has given me all this experience. The diversity helps keep me motivated and makes me still feel like a kid.  It is neat to drive around St. Louis and point out to friends that Alberici built that.

Anniversary Spotlight – Jeanine Farnen

Project Manager Jeanine Farnen is celebrating her 10th anniversary at Alberici this month. In honor of this milestone, we asked Jeanine to share some thoughts and experiences from her 10 years at Alberici.

1. In your time at Alberici, which project was your favorite and why?

I can’t choose a favorite project.  I have been fortunate to work on challenging projects in several different markets with great people. Each project and each day is always different, allowing me to continually grow and develop.

2. What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I am currently responsible for coordinating multiple disciplines in all aspects of the project.  There is a great core group of staff to work with, and interacting with the craft is a new and fun experience.

3. What are you most proud of in your time at Alberici and why?

I am very proud of the success of all the projects I have worked on.  I have enjoyed the opportunities that have been given to me to help develop new employees and watch them progress throughout the organization.

4. What do you like most about working at Alberici?

I am very grateful for the energy Alberici puts into their employees. I have seen how this culture has created loyal employees dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure we are doing the work right. 

5.  You’ve traveled quite a bit in your time at Alberici.  What do you enjoy most about traveling from project to project?

Travelling with Alberici has given me the opportunity to work in different markets and meet all kinds of people that I would likely not have gotten the pleasure of working with.  I’ve been able to see places that I otherwise would not have visited.  In my experience, being away from home and having to develop new friendships has helped strengthened my character.  Working with different cultures and companies is eye opening.  You experience new ways of doing things and if you’re lucky, you get to take some of the positives with you and help introduce them in to the Alberici way.

6.  Is there anything else you would like to share about your 10 year career with Alberici?

I am still in contact with most of the management and supervision that I have worked with throughout the years.  I would like to thank them for helping me learn and develop in my career the last 10 years.