Alberici Listed in The Career Directory, a Guide to Canada;s Top Employers for Recent Grads

Alberici is proud to be listed on The Career Directory (2018), a collection of Canada’s best employers for recent graduates. Assembled by the team at “Canada’s Top 100 Employers”, the directory is a resource for new graduates seeking jobs that make the most of their university degree or college diploma. The guide has been a trusted source of information on employers since 1991, and has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadian graduates get started on their careers.

Thousands of Canadian employers are reviewed to determine the academic qualifications they actively seek in young job-seekers. Firms must demonstrate strong entry-level recruitment programs coupled with benefits, HR programs and career advancement opportunities. Alberici’s orientation and training programs, tuition, subsidies and “work perks” were highlighted on our editorial profile, which outlines why Alberici was listed. To view Alberici’s full profile please visit

Matt's Co-Op Experience: Reflecting on 15 Months of Meaningful Work

On his last day, Matt Askett, a co-op student for Alberici's Canadian division, reflected on the 15 months he spent with Alberici:

Today is the last day of my co-op term with Alberici, and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for these past 15 months.

I’ve heard many horror stories from fellow students who spent their co-op terms getting people coffee, and occasionally getting the work that their boss just didn’t want to do. If I’m being honest, I did get people coffee, and I’m sure I did work that my bosses’ didn’t want to do, but that was luckily just a small part of my job.

One week into my internship I was driving a boat full of carpenters and labourers across Lake Ontario having never driven a boat before. I spent that summer helping organize the logistics of pouring thousands of cubic meters of concrete underground on an Island. Later, I was given the opportunity to tour projects in and around St. Louis, and lastly I was sent to Pearson International Airport where I learned a great deal about conveyor systems, and working in a high security area. Even half of that would have been a dream internship for many.

I’ve learned so much over the past year and a half. A ton information has been thrown my way, and at times it’s been stressful, but I never felt overwhelmed because I always felt like I could ask any question. That’s what has stood out to me the most during my time with Alberici. If I had an issue with payroll, financial, safety, or quality documentation, someone was always willing to help. If I didn’t understand a process on site, someone would always be able to explain it to me.

I had high expectations going into this internship, and Alberici easily exceeded them.