Ryan’s Intern Experience–Office vs. Field

After two and a half weeks on the job site, it is obvious that there are big differences between my experience last summer in the home office and being in the field. The office had something of an ebb and flow when it came to work pace. But here in the field there is more of a consistency to the daily activities. I can tell that there are pros and cons to both work environments.

I have learned a crazy amount since starting my internship. I have been a part of administrative processes such as requests for information, change order requests, and cost expenditures. It is impressive the amount of time and attention that has to be used to keep all of the paperwork properly recorded and organized. In the field, I’ve gotten to assist our quality control team by monitoring field inspections and our subcontractor’s progress. Every day, there are multiple meetings involving the project managers and superintendents to coordinate all of the work. Sitting in on these meetings, it is amazing to see all of the challenges and obstacles that have to be hurdled on a daily basis.

It’s great to work for a company that makes safety a top priority. Yesterday, we held our quarterly safety lunch for all of the field workers. The lunch was a great way to thank all of our workers and give them a chance to refocus on safety in the field. Plus, the barbeque was delicious.

My experiences so far have gone a long way towards growing my knowledge of construction. I am very excited to see what else the summer has in store.

Alena’s Intern Experience–Pricing

As my summer internship in estimating continues on, I can’t believe how much I am learning! I was so excited to find out that we were awarded the MoDOT bridge project that will be built on the Highway 47, crossing the Missouri River. Since I helped on this bid during my first week of work, it’s awesome that I was able to play a part in our company obtaining this project.

I have been very busy updating our estimating unit-price software. Basically, every item that we unit-price on a project estimate is contained within the system. Since prices change from year to year and city to city, we have to update these prices every couple of years in order to stay accurate with our bid pricing. It is definitely one of the biggest spreadsheets I’ve ever worked on! However, I get to work with a variety of people in the estimating department, so I am enjoying that aspect of the project. It has also shocked me in regards to the pricing of certain items. For example, I had no idea how much an elevator costs, and also how many options there are. I am much more aware of how project prices get so high so fast. I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge about pricing and also getting to work more closely with others through this project.

Additionally, I have been doing some research for upcoming projects that we will potentially be bidding on and also attending meetings in relation to development and leadership training. I’ve also found a new home in the marketing department. One of the best parts about headquarters is that everyone can see outside from their cubicle. I enjoy the natural light and it definitely makes my day a little brighter!

Ryan’s Intern Experience–Part 1

Throughout the summer, Alberici’s interns will be blogging about their experiences.

My name is Ryan Bearden and this summer I have the opportunity to intern at the Washington University Medical Center Campus Renewal Project with Alberici. Last summer, I worked as an intern at company headquarters in the estimating department.

First Week PictureI grew up in Kirkwood, Missouri, a suburb about 10 miles outside of Saint Louis and attended Kirkwood High School. After high school, I moved on to Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri. At school, I am double majoring in Architectural and Civil Engineering. I am also a member of the school’s baseball team. Lessons of competitiveness and teamwork learned on the baseball diamond inspired me to look towards the fast paced industry of construction for a career.

In the office last summer I was able to assist the estimating team in multiple ways. I reached out to subcontractors for bids, completed quantity take-offs, and was a part of labor and equipment assignment for several projects. These were only some of the roles I was able to play last summer. The entire experience was eye opening and taught me a tremendous amount about the construction industry and the attitude that it demands. I was able to receive guidance from the estimating staff and always felt comfortable completing my work. My first days in the construction industry showed me how competitive it can be and how important it is to trust and rely on your fellow team members. I loved the entire summer experience, which I why I was excited to return to Alberici for a second summer.

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